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The use cases are split up into two sub-pages. Those pages describe all must Customer Requirements of TSPHP which involves an actor.

Before you have a look at those use cases you should have a look at the use case below, which describe a very basic behaviour of the compiler.
The compiler is a black box. It expects an input and delivers an output. The actor executes the compiler over a system call. This is shown in the following use case:

NameExecute compiler from shell
Relates to requirement(s)M1 Console Application
ActorsUser, IDE or system
Short description
aim of the use case
The actor wants to execute the compiler using system calls. For instance executing the compiler from the shell (comand prompt).
Aim. Run the compiler outside of an Java application
Standard process(For instance using a shell)

  1. Actor opens shell.
  2. Actor uses a system call to execute the compiler and pass compiler arguments.
  3. Compiler executes depending on the arguments.
Alternative process 
Use case specific
non-functional requirements
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