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The TSPHP project tries especially to achieve the following goals which shall be improvements compared to PHP (goals ordered by priority where 1 stands for the highest priority):

  1. Ensure type-safe code
  2. Improve readability
  3. Lower inconsistencies
  4. Remove twins (e.g. bool and boolean are the same)
  5. Speed up development time
  6. Enhance performance

TSPHP envisions that point 1 - 3 will reduce bugs (and security holes) in TSPHP projects and enhance code quality overall. Due to the type safety feature of the language, IDE's will be able to better support the user by providing a better code completion (intellisense) and more sophisticated refactoring methods which in turn will not only enhance code quality but also boost the development time.

See also Motivation behind TSPHP and Vision of TSPHP.

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