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Are you curious how TSPHP is translated to PHP? Cool!
Following a link to the latest demo application on the build server (requires Java to run):

  1. Download the TSPHP-*.*.*.*
  2. Extract the content in some place
  3. Double click the TSPHP-*.*.*.*-demo.jar (alternatively you can double click "Start Demo.bat" on Windows)

Instructions for the demo application

Insert your TSPHP code in the left panel and press CTRL+G to run the generation. Information about the generation will show up in the panel at the bottom and if the generation was successful (no type safety breaches where detected etc.) then PHP code will show up in the right panel. If the generation was unsuccessful then an error message is showing up in the bottom panel.
Please be aware that TSPHP is still in an early stage. It does not support any built-in function of PHP yet. Thus you can only operate on own classes and call own functions. Have a look at Scope to see what is not yet supported by TSPHP (this will change of course).

Online Demo

Please notice that you can also try out TSPHP directly in your browser by using the Online Demo.

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