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You want to contribute to the project that is awesome (smile) TSPHP welcomes every contribution no matter in which way.

Following some general information which you might well skip if you are already familiar with TSPHP.

The following chapters go into details and shall be a guide which hopefully helps you to get started. Do not hesitate to contact the project leader if you have any questions or need further help to get started. 

You can contribute in different ways

There are different ways how you can contribute to the project and the following list is not complete but shall show you that every effort is welcome (more details given in the subsequent chapters):

  1. Asking questions about TSPHP (can clear things for others as well)
  2. Providing feedback to the topics mentioned in the page Not yet implemented
  3. Try out TSPHP (Online Demo or Demo Application) and provide feedback to
  4. Improve the Language Reference Manual or other wiki pages by
    1. Adding further examples
    2. Correct grammar mistakes
    3. etc.
  5. By implementing/fixing issues
  6. Reporting bugs and submit feature/change requests
  7. Write about TSPHP in your own blog (might encourage others to contribute to the project)
  8. Post a link on facebook, twitter, google+ and co.
  9. Speak about TSPHP with your colleagues (might encourage others as well)
  10. Are you an undergraduate or postgraduate student and are looking for a topic for your thesis? 
  11. Donations are welcome as well of course (will show up under Credits if you want). However, we have not opened a bank account for TSPHP yet so please contact the project leader ( first.
  12. We are sure you have further ideas (if so, let us know (smile))

Navigate between wiki, issue tracking system and build server

In every system you find the following symbol in the upper left hand corner  (you might have to scroll up to see the top menu)
Click on it to switch between the different systems. Be aware of that the version control system (github) does not provide this feature. 

Following an example how to navigate from the wiki to the issue tracking system:

  1. Click on the symbol
  2. Click on "Issue Tracking System"

That is all, so simple (smile)

Following a list of the different systems

You have questions about TSPHP

If you have (a lot of) questions about TSPHP you can actually help as well. Read Interview 'What is TSPHP and what does it solve?' first and if you still have questions then write an email to or create a new thread at Google Groups.

Provide feedback to topics which are not yet implemented in TSPHP

TSPHP does not yet support all features PHP supports so far. And some of them require design decisions. Those topics are listed under Not yet implemented and require your feedback.
Sign up if you have not yet signed up and leave your comment or write an email to or post your feedback in the corresponding thread at Google Groups.

Try out TSPHP and provide feedback

TSPHP provides a Online Demo as well as a Demo Application. You can help TSPHP by trying TSPHP out and report your feedback to Please be aware that TSPHP does not support yet PHP built-in functions (see Demo Application for more information).

Improve the Language Reference Manual or other wiki pages

You can contribute to the project by improving the Language Reference Manual or other wiki pages (for instance this page). You are free on how you want to improve it, starting with correcting grammar mistakes, giving better examples or whatever comes to your mind. Sign up if you have not yet signed up and write an email to with your ideas.

Implement new features, fix bugs etc.

Because this is a bigger point it deserves an own page. Please have a look at Implement new features, fix bugs etc.

Reporting bugs or submit feature/change requests

Whenever you detect a bug then please report it using the issue tracking systemIf you think something is missing in TSPHP or should change then please either submit a feature request or a change request.

Either way you have to sign up first and log in. As soon as you are logged in you will see a "Create Issue" button in the top menu. Click on it and either select:

  • Bug
  • New Feature
  • Change Request

Do not care about all the fields, we will fill them in for you. Just make sure you enter a decent description. If you find a bug make sure to include a code sample and include what you would have expected.

Write about TSPHP

You can help TSPHP by writing about it (please only in a good way (wink)):

  • Write about TSPHP in your own blog (might encourage others to contribute to the project)
  • Post a link on facebook, twitter, google+ and co.
  • Tell friends about TSPHP (might encourage others as well)

Are you looking for a topic for your undergraduate or postgraduate thesis?

Even if you are doing your PhD thesis, we might have some interesting topics which can help TSPHP and sometimes other projects as well. Just write an email to the project leader to discuss some topics.

And of course, also just in general, if you have some free time and you do not know how to spend it, just ask, we are happy to fill your free time with meaningful work (big grin)


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