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Welcome to the wiki of TSPHP and TinsPHP

On this wiki you will find all kind of information about TSPHP (Type-Safe PHP) starting with the Language Reference Manual, goes over ideas and papers of TSPHP, presents the Project Philosophies of TSPHP, specifications (e.g. System Specification of TSPHP)  and many more. Get yourself an Overview. Furthermore, you will find all kind of information about TinsPHP (Type Inference System for PHP) and it might be best to start with an Overview as well.

If you would like to report a bug or submit a Feature or Change Request then please visit the issue tracking system.

Would you like to contribute to the project as a developer or in a different way? That would be great (smile) please have a look at Contribute to the project. Contact the project leader rstoll@tutteli.ch if you need help to get started.


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